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casualty of your own flesh

The streets of downtown were crawling with different types of people and different kinds of excitement. It's a completely opposite place to the suburbs, which is where Jake was from. He walked down the street and looked at the all the absurdly tall buildings, the odd sights and most of all, the people. So many people were crawling the streets and doing their thing without a care to what's going on around them. Jake was in awe of the experience, it's so exciting!

As he looked down the street of department stores, he read all the different designers and stores, most of which he's never heard of. He was debating on whether or not to go in or just look through the window. He stopped in front of a store called "Cinnadream". There were mannequins in the window and they were dressed very provocatively, making Jake a tad uneasy, but he wanted to look anyway. There was a set of huge doors in-between two window displays. The doors looked like two castle doors opening to invite any willing customer in at their own risk. He had never seen anything like this store. He's been warned about such places, such... "Sex shops", but never saw one close. In the window displays, the mannequins stood still peering out. He looked at one young woman who was dressed in a very naughty red teddy.

Jake looked at her and thought, "Wow, she's beautiful! And she looks so real! Oh, she was real, I'd love to be with her."

As he stared at her, a smile formed on her lips. Jake took a step back and bumped into a grumpy old guy telling him to what where he's going. He rubbed his eyes and looked up at the woman's face.

"Am I imagining things, or did that woman just move?"

He stood staring at her inanimate body, frozen in a beautiful stance. Her smile was gone now and she stood still as if nothing happened. He stepped closer and rubbed his eyes once more looking at her realistic body. His mouth opened in an odd and goofy look that made her smile once more and her body moved as she laughed. This time Jake knew he wasn't imagining this.

"She's real!” he thought to himself. "She's an actual person! Wow, I've heard about people modeling in windows but she looked like a mannequin."

The woman in the window didn't move her body, only her face as she smiled bright, excited that a handsome man like Jake was admiring her. Jake was amazed. He wished he could speak to her or be able to go inside the display and sit with her or something. But the thick glass separated anything to be done between them. He smiled back at her and stood admiring her body. Then she moved. Her left hand that was on her side moved up and her fingers brushed the dirty blond hair off her shoulder revealing her tasty neck. Her smooth, milky flesh under the display spotlight almost invited his lips onto it for a taste. She trailed her fingertips softly down her neck and in between her confined breasts to the small clasps holding her chest in tight. She gazed at him as her fingers unclasped her teddy and released her breasts.

Jake swallowed hard at the sight and looked around to make sure no one else could see this private peepshow. He focused back on his beauty and watched her hands begin to play with her breasts. His mouth dropped at her act and she laughed, throwing her head back. She pulled at her nipples and pleasured herself right in front of his eyes. He swallowed hard again and pulled at the collar of his shirt. Sweat formed in tiny beads on his face as he watched her hands move down her body. The woman pressed hard at her underwear, massaging deep and hard. His eyes were wide as he continued his free show.

She smiled and bit her bottom lip as she pulled her panties aside and revealed her neatly trimmed pussy to the man. His jaw dropped and he instantly became jealous. As she dipped her long, slender fingers into her juicy skin, he unconsciously moved his hand from the glass and began pressing at his hard on through his pants, pressing as hard as she was. Her hands were working hard to achieve the pleasure. As her clit was being massaged and pulled, her hole was being fucked by two of her fingers. A stool next to her let her lift her leg to gain batter access to herself. The gentleman could not hear her moans, but the facial expressions she made were causing his body to numb with goose bumps. How he wished to hear her cries, how he wished to give her something to cry about! He watched her fingers, jealous of them. Wishing that was his hand, his mouth on her beautiful womanhood. She shivered as her orgasm took over her body. He watched her lick her lips and open her eyes. Taking her soaking hands in he mouth, she licked her juices and took her leg down from the stool. Her body resumed to the position it was when Jake first walked up to her. She winked her eye and smiled before freezing in her stance as a lifeless mannequin.

Jake was incredibly horny from that show and wanted that girl. He wanted her so bad he could taste her sweet nectar on his lips now. He needed her bad; he was craving her. He looked around and it appeared that no one even saw what was going on. No one saw this beautiful creature drive her orgasm out of her body for him.

He looked at the inviting entrance of the store and said, "I have to go inside." He walked into the store and opened his mouth wide at the new and fresh surroundings to his poor, deprived eyes.

for more erotica go here. it'll be fun, i promise. hehehe..
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