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Looks like I have gone completely mad...

A Dream I Had the Other Night
by Joshua Cornell

I walked into a kitchen and found a six month old baby boy crying on the counter. I asked, "What is the matter little one?"
He told me that his lover, who was also six months old had passed away the night before. I said, "Don't worry little one, you are so young that in a couple of years you won't remember her at all."
He said he knew, but he still felt bad for her. I asked him how she died and he pointed to his right. I turned and saw an empty box of tampons sitting next to him. It turns out someone had left the box of tampons on the counter, the baby girl had jumped up there somehow, and then she proceeded to eat the tampons until she choked to death.
Suddenly I was no longer in the kitchen, but I was standing in an elementary school cafeteria with a detective. We were trying to figure out who had left their tampons on the counter for the baby girl to choke on.

That is when I woke up. What the hell is wrong with me?
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