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Oh you people think you're soooo smart...

If only I had a car that ran on dreams and fairy dust and dirty fantasies. It'd be called the Magical Fairy Hormone Mobile. I'd never run out of fuel as long as I had enough fairy dust. But fairy dust is hard to come by. I mean Jesus have you seen the fairy dust prices now? It's highway robbery. Used to be all you had to do was slay a dragon. Now it's almost impossible to find a dragon. Let alone one with decent fairy dust. Jen has a tattoo of a dragon on her arm but no fairy dust. Worthless. Sometimes when I'm bored I think about assassinating Regis Philbin. I'd storm Live With Regis and Kelly and make them do Yoga at gun Point. "Now take a deep, relaxing breath...I SAID BREATH GODDAMNIT! BREATH BEFORE I BLOW YOUR FUCKING DICK OFF! We know where you live. We're the ones who prepare your meals. We're the ones who mop your floor. We watch you while you sleep. You see Regis, we have a lot of time on our hands. In that time we do lots of thinking. We have realized that we don't want to be a fucking millionaire. Because you are Satan. You are the ultimate evil. The embodiment of greed in American society and we must destroy you..." I'd make my getaway in my car run on dreams and fairy dust and dirty fantasies with a little pink dragon in the backseat dryhumping Regis Philbin's corps...
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